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- Euchre Game Boxes -

We are open our regular google hours

or visit us at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market

on Thursdays and Saturdays all year long.

A wooden euchre score counter box being held in the hand against a table with flowers and playing cards. The euchre box lid has holes for scoring pegs and a laser engraved design. The lid is attached by magnets and a deck of cards as well as the scoring pegs can be kept inside the box.

Euchre Game Score Counter Box

Want an alternative to using 5's or 2's & 3's to keep score? Do you ever forget what is Trump? This euchre score counter box will solve all your problems. Each team has two pegs, one for scoring and one for games won, and the fifth peg is for the suit. Pass this box to the dealer to remember whose turn it is to deal. The top fits snugly into the base, held in place by rare earth magnets. The bottom compartment is the perfect place to store a deck of cards and scoring pegs. A great way to keep everything together and transports well. It will become an heirloom to be passed on to future generations of game lovers!


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