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- Playing Card Carry Boxes -

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Playing card carry box with the lid open and a deck of cards inside. The box is sitting on a table with some loose cards and some flowers. The box is made from cherry wood and has an aces design engraved on the lid.

Playing Card Carry Boxes

Don't want to play 52 pick-up anymore? Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph, Ontario, Canada designed and made this playing card carry box to hold a deck of cards for travel in style with various decorative designs engraved on the lid. One deck of cards fits perfectly! The top fits snugly into the base and is held in place by strong rare earth magnets. A Handy and Handsome way to carry a deck of cards with you to and from game time with friends. Will easily fit in backpacks and most handbags. No more searching the card drawer for the missing card!

The idea started out with the Euchre score counter and carrying boxes. However not everyone who needs to keep a deck of cards with them will be using it for Euchre so we made these boxes and added decorative engravings to them. 


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