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Potbelly 238 Mini Wonky Wooden Jewelry Box

Potbelly 238 Mini Wonky Wooden Jewelry Box

Sometimes losing your square can lead to wonderful things. This "Mini Wonky" wood jewelry box, Potbelly model, was designed and built by Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This jewelry box is uniquely one of a kind.


Each box is signed by Paul, numbered (he has made over 2000 to date), and dated (first one created in 2005) this one is Potbelly 238. The Wonkies are all cataloged—your name and country of residence will be recorded in our book of Wonky owners when you purchase one. So far, they are in 21 countries.


To obtain the desired thickness of the box, two solid blocks of ash hardwood have been laminated together. The Wonkies are truly one of a kind; drawers are removable but not interchangeable with another Wonky. The knobs are separate pieces of stained wood which are glued on with a dowel. The drawers have been flocked with red flocking and the feet have a leather pad to prevent scratching of the table or dresser it sits on.


The box has been stained and finished with sealer and lacquer, thus no care is needed. It is a treasur