Play the old-fashioned, traditional game of Rummoli or Michigan Rummy in style with this wooden game board. The board is made from Baltic Birch Ply. Rummoli is a family card game which has been around since the 1940s. A Lazy Susan is secured to the bottom, allowing the board to turn easily to all players. All you'll need in addition to the board is a standard deck of cards and a generous supply of chips/coins.


Due to the wood that we make this out of your board may or may not have patches and dark spots. We try to pick the clearest board but sometimes not possible. If you are very particular let us know and we can send a photo of the board we pick to send you.

Rummoli with Lazy Susan - Baltic Birch - Approx. 18" diameter

    • Finished with multiple sandings and 2 coats of lacquer
    • Laser cut and engraved from Baltic Birch Ply
    • Includes a Lazy Susan.




    18 3/4"  Diameter

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