Sick of burning your fingers when removing a piece of toast from the hot toaster or a tea bag from your cup? The "Mini Tongs" are for you!

This solid hard maple kitchen utensil was designed and made by Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph and is the perfect extra pair of fingers. They are easily squeezed together and securely hold toast, tea bags, or even ice cubes. These tongs allow you to squeeze the last drop from every tea bag!

The "Mini Tongs" have no joints and no glue or stains have been used during production and the images have been laser engraved. Since the images are burnt into the wood it prevents it from wearing off through use.

Never misplace your tongs again! A rare earth magnet allows you to conveniently attach your tongs to any magnetic metal surface such as the toaster, kettle, or fridge ensuring you always know where your tongs are.

Note: The photo shown is a representation of the item. As all of our utensils are hand sanded variance in the shape can occur due to the natural grain of the wood, making each tong truly unique.

Toaster Tongs with Magnet - Maple Wood

  • The "Mini Tongs" are made from Solid Maple Hardwood and are treated with with non-toxic food grade mineral oil making them food safe. All of our utensils are made with new wood. Reclaimed/recycled woods can be toxic and should never be used in food products such as cutting boards or utensils.

    Features a manget on the back to allow for easy storage.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    7" long
    17.75 cm