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- Wonky Cribbage Boards -

We are open our regular google hours

or visit us at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market

on Thursdays and Saturdays all year long.

A handcrafted curvy cribbage board made from wood is sitting on a wood table in the afternoon sun. The board is being used to play a game of cribbage with hands of cards on the table around the board.

Cribb Board & Cribbage Game Boards

Frustrated with the standard crib / cribb board, Paul took a new direction. He set the peg holes further apart, enlarged the numbers for easier reading, enlarged the scoreboard and the scoreboard has been laser engraved for durability. The "wonky" design of the cribbage board, reminiscent of our whimsical wonky jewelry boxes, the laser-engraved skunk and double skunk images all add his own flare.

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