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- Crokinole Game -

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A crokinole game board sits on a table with game pieces and a score counter and storage box sitting on it. The board is made from cherry wood and Baltic birch plywood.
Crokinole Counter All Cherry 1.jpg

Crokinole Game Boards and Scoring Boxes

Crokinole is a classic game that Paul grew up playing here in Ontario. When he started the business the goal was to try and make unique and high quality items that people can keep as family heirlooms. The unique crokinole scoring box holds the crokinole playing biscuits and scoring pegs. No more hunting for that missing game piece! The dark and light patterning shown on the scoreboard provides a unique, different, and one-of-a-kind appearance! It is a delight to use and is a delight to the eye.

Probably the highest quality crokinole board that you will find. The playing surface is made from Baltic birch ply to ensure that it is perfectly flat and is warp resistant. It is framed in solid North American cherry wood. The posts are cushioned with bumpers to quiet the sound when a biscuit bounces off of them. There is a screw slot on the back of the board to allow it to hang on the wall when it is not in use. As the wood grain in each piece of wood is different, all the boards will have a unique look. Truly a wonderful board to play on that will make a great heirloom.


A handcrafted curvy cribbage board made from wood is sitting on a wood table in the afternoon sun. The board is being used to play a game of cribbage with hands of cards on the table around the board.

Cribb Board & Cribbage Game Boards


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