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This is the highest quality crokinole board that you will find. The playing surface is made from baltic birch ply to ensure that it is perfectly flat and is warp resistant. It is framed in solid North American cherry wood. The posts are cushoned with bumpers to quiet the sound when a biscuit bounces off of them. There is a screw slot on the back of the board to allow it to hang on the wall when it is not in use.


This unique scoring box is also available for a discounted price of $35 when purchased along side the crokinole board (normal price of counter alone is $50). It holds the crokinole playing biscuits and scoring pegs. No more hunting for that missing game piece!


As wood is a natural living product it can be a little unruly; knots, streaking, other blemishes and flaws in the grain can occur during the natural growth of the tree. These may be present in all our products to some degree but we do control for anything that will seriously interfere with the use or look of our items. We at Masterpiece Lasered Wood, the home of the famous "Wonky" furniture design believe these imperfections add a uniqueness to our products and LOVE us some rebellious wood grain or an interesting knot here or there that doesn't interfere with the use of the item. If you specifically want an interesting grain pattern or knot in your order, let us know and we will try to find something for your tastes.

Crokinole Board - Available In-store Only - $388.89

  • Crokinole Board:

    • Baltic birch playing surface
    • Solid cherry wood frame
    • Finished with 2 coats of clear lacquer
    • No stains have been used - all natural wood only.


    Scoring Box:

    • The scoring box lid is made from a solid piece of North American Hard Sugar Maple, and the base is made from solid North American Cherry.
    • Top fits snugly into the base, and is held in place by rare earth magnets.
    • Bottom consists of  two sections; one for the 1-1/4" biscuits and a separate section for the scoring pegs. 




    Approx. 34" Diameter  1 1/4" Thick