This Wooden Othello Game Board was carved from a block of North American Cherry by Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This game board, also known as Reversi, was made for those who are tired of the tyranny of plastic and wish for a long lasting high quality board with more character.  The object of the game is to flip over as many of your opponents pieces as possible while filling the board. Conveniently we have included the games rules on the back of the board. A great fit both aesthetically and thematically for cottage or RV life where the object is to unplug and enjoy one another's company or maybe create a new game rivalry.


The Pieces are maple, measure 1 1/4 inches and have been laser engraved with our 'cubes' pattern on one side. There are 64 game pieces included with the board, 32 per player.


The entire board is 19" x 15.50" x 1-3/8". The playing surface is approx. 14" x 12.50" and consists of the standard 8 x 8 playing area.


Containing built in upgrades to the wood or cardboard playing surfaces you get in the toy store, this is a great premium option for those who love the game. The playing area has been shaped and carved in a way that makes it easy to flip over the pieces, with little depressions along the edge. Another feature happens to be the two trenches on either end of the board that will hold all 32 pieces for each player - no more disorganized piles of pieces lying around waiting to get lost. The game rules have been laser engraved on the reverse of the board and will not wear off over time; and the board sits atop adjustable feet to keep the board secure and level on most surfaces. Finally the biggest upgrade is the beautiful Cherry wood that the board has been carved from, with a heft and sturdiness you can't often find.


If you get a little bored of Othello you can also switch to checkers for a palate cleanser as the pieces can be quickly repurposed and the board itself is the same 8x8 as checkers and even chess.


Please Note that Cherry wood darkens over time and the contrast between the board and the pieces will be better over time.

Reversi / Othello Board Game | Solid Cherry

  • It is finished in Lacquer and is smooth to the touch, similar to wood furniture. Simply wipe with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty. It will last for many years to come.

    The board measures approximately 19"L x 15 1/2"W x 1 3/8"H 

    • Finished with 2 coats of lacquer.
    • No stains have been used.
    • Made from solid North American cherry wood.
    • Deep and lacquered compartments make scooping out the chips/coins very easy!
    • Details laser engraved - they won't wear off with use!
    • Can also be used to play checkers or chess.
    • Comes with set of Game Pieces.