The game of Sequence is an exciting game of strategy played with two decks of cards and two colours of tokens to place on the board. Its's simple to learn and fun and exciting game to play. As no two games are ever quite the same every game will be fresh and keep you on your toes. The game can be played with 2 players or 4 players in two teams like Euchre or Bridge.


Due to the wood that we make this out of your board may or may not have patches. We try to pick the clearest board but sometimes not possible. If you are very particular let us know and we can send a photo of the board we pick to send you.


This Sequence Board was made by Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Masterpiece Lasered Wood Ltd. from Laser Engraved Baltic birch Plywood. It is finished in Lacquer and is smooth to the touch, similar to wood furniture. Simply wipe with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty. It will last for many years to come. The details on this board have been engraved on with a Laser and will not wear off over time. Hang this on the wall when not in use as a unique piece of decoration in your game room.


Cards and wooden card holders are available as add-ons. 

Full Set Option Comes with:
                            - 2 Decks of cards (colour may vary)
                            - 4 Wood Card Holders
                            - and of course the game board and playing tokens


As wood is a natural living product it can be a little unruly; knots, streaking, other blemishes and flaws in the grain can occur during the natural growth of the tree. These may be present in all our products to some degree but we do control for anything that will seriously interfere with the use or look of our items. We at Masterpiece Lasered Wood, the home of the famous "Wonky" furniture design believe these imperfections add a uniqueness to our products and LOVE us some rebellious wood grain or an interesting knot here or there that doesn't interfere with the use of the item. If you specifically want an interesting grain pattern or knot in your order, let us know and we will try to find something for your tastes.

Handmade Heirloom Sequence Board

    • Finished with multiple sandings and 2 coats of lacquer
    • Features laser engraved, Victorian virtues
    • Comes with two sets of different coloured tokens(50 each), a printed copy of the game rules and a couple pouches to keep them in when not in use(colours of tokens and pouches may vary).
    • includes a keyhole slot on the back so when you're not playing the game, the board can be hung on the wall as a piece of artwork




    Approx. 19" X 19" x 3/4" thick