This is a perfect wedding gift, or for anyone who loves to cook.  Hand made from solid maple wood, this cutting board is laser engraved with handy measurement conversions for the kitchen.  Designed to solve conversion problems between the Imperial measurement system and the Metric system used in cooking and baking.  The laser engraving is deep, so it will not wear off through use.


Approximate size 20" x 12" x 1-1/4"

Cooking Measurements Cutting Board

  • Functional, and decorative. The "How Much" guide includes conversions for oven temperatures, volume measure, spoon measurement, weight, and a cups to grams chart for five commonly used baking ingredients. A ruler in centimetres and inches provides a top and bottom border. 


    It is finished with food grade mineral oil and beeswax. Made using FDA approved water resistant glue (Titebond III) which is Food Safe and formaldehyde free. The glue used in the majority of cheap bamboo products is inexpensive formaldehyde glue, which is toxic. No wooden cutting boards or utensils made with formaldehyde should ever be used with food.


    The board has been finger jointed together. This means there is more of a gluing surface and the boards will never come apart. This is the best joint possible, unlike but joints that will eventually come apart.


    Please Note: Your board will be similar to the one shown. The grain in maple can vary slightly with more/fewer dark spots, etc.