Great for "Family Game Night", Snakes and Ladders is a great classic family game for up to six players. This classic style Snakes and Ladders board game has laser engraved and will not wear off. Some of the play squares depict the virtues and vices of Victorian times. In Victorian England, the game was used as an instructional tool to teach children about the good and the bad of the world. It will become an heirloom to be passed on to future generations of game lovers!


Due to the wood that we make this out of your board may or may not have patches and dark spots. We try to pick the clearest board but sometimes not possible. If you are very particular let us know and we can send a photo of the board we pick to send you.


Includes six coloured pieces and a single die in a velvet pouch.

Snakes and Ladders Board Game | Victorian Virtues

    • Finished with multiple sandings and 2 coats of lacquer
    • Features laser engraved, Victorian virtues
    • Includes six coloured pieces and a single die in a black velvet pouch. (note that color of die and playing pieces may differ from photo)
    • includes a keyhole slot on the back so when you're not playing the game, the board can be hung on the wall as a piece of artwork




    Approx. 19" X 19" x 3/4" thick

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