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Wolf | 7 Day Pill Box | Single

Wolf | 7 Day Pill Box | Single

This Weekly 7 Day Pill Box is perfect for the person who takes pills once per day. Engraved with a beautiful and menacing wolf design, this box can proudly sit in the open on your counter and your guests won't know what's inside—you won't want to hide it away like you do those plastic pill organizers!


Many vitamins and medications deteriorate when exposed to light. This box provides storage in a dark environment. To use the box, simply slide the lid to expose the day of the week compartment holding the lid over the compartments you don't want tipped, then tip out the pills/vitamins in your hand and slide the lid closed. Not intended for travelling but if you want to use it for traveling we recommend using an elastic of some kind to hold the lid closed in your luggage.


The outside of the Pill Box has been finished with Lacquer similar to what is used on wood furniture like kitchen tables. Smooth to the touch, Simply wipe with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty. The inside has been finished with Food Grade Mineral Oil with the pill compartments left as bare wood for no strong smells. If the oil starts to wear off then apply a new coat of mineral oil.

Want to make this box a one of a kind item? Add a personal engraving to the side of the box! Please note we use the EXACT wording you provide in the Text box provided, please check for any spelling or grammar errors prior to submitting your order. DO NOT use quotes if you do not want them included. If you want the text in a different language please message us the text in the language and font you want and we'll check to see if we can add it.