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Paul and Sandy Sunflower Then
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Masterpiece Lasered Wood in Guelph, Ontario, Canada makes unique and high-quality wood art and home goods of heirloom quality. We make wooden games, 7 Day Pill box, medicine box, kitchen utensils, cribb board, cribbage boards, wood cutting board, wood coasters, coaster wood, decorated wood box, snake and ladder board game, Chinese checkers board game, euchre card game boxes and much more. All our products are made from high-quality wood and often include detailed laser engraved designs and our "Wonky" shapes.

Wood Artist Paul Szewc creates uniquely handcrafted items out of natural hardwoods. He believes in quality, uniqueness and loves to stand out; we’re dedicated to providing superior quality wooden products. After building kitchens for over 25 years Paul decided to build fun stuff. He built his own gallery on the property where he lives; he believes in walking to work. His gallery is nestled in the quiet countryside on the outskirts of Guelph. Started in 2008, Masterpiece Lasered Wood thrives on creativity and "out-of-the-box" ideas seen in many of our products including cutting boards, kitchen utensils, game boards(euchre, cribbage, Crokinole), solid wood boxes, unique laser cut coasters and laser cut wall décor. 

Our customers are people who want to add something nice to their homes, something with a human touch, not just something that is mass-produced. They are looking for something that will last a lifetime; that is inter-generational and will fit in with the unique story of their life. Wood has a touch to it that you just can't get from plastic or metal, with the natural grain of the wood. The presence of knots and blemishes tells a story, no two pieces of wood are the same, each is unique and the same goes for all our products. Lovingly hand crafted, each unique piece made from natural woods has a human touch and is a great fit into the story of ones life.

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